Win More On Deal Dash

Bidding in a DealDash auction can take all of your attention. You don’t have time to stop and think about leaving the auction to go buy bids. You need to stay and pay attention – so you need to be sure that you are well-stocked with bids before you even enter the auction. If you’re serious about this particular item, then you should have enough bids to reach the BIN (Buy It Now) price.

Buy It Now!

If you have spent enough bids on an auction to reach the BIN price and you still haven’t won, then it’s time to do a Buy It Now and get your bids back. It’s a simple process that only requires a few clicks to complete. After you have determined that you aren’t going to win and want to Buy It Now, just click the BIN button! It will take you to the payment screen, and you can choose how you would like to pay. After your payment goes through all of the bids that you used in that auction will be automatically returned. There’s no waiting period, they just appear like magic! Then you can use them again immediately or hang onto them for later. It’s always your choice when you are a DealDash bidder.

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