Infinity Profit System Review

Infinity Profit System Review

When it comes to business opportunities online, you have to be-careful on which to invest in…

The reason is a lot of them are big scams and I am tired of people taking advantage of people.

I have been on that road many times when I first got started in this online world…

In this blog post, I am going to go through the company, the products and compensation plan and lay it all down for you…

From there you can make a proper decision.

The Products

There are 2 membership products that the Infinity Profit System has. There is the Starter and Basic membership.

Starter – $25/ mo

This membership includes training in personal branding as well as a blogging platform. This will help you develop your own brand for whatever the business may be. You could create an online business around baseball bats or you could create an online business around promoting this Infinity Profit System, which I said is what most people seem to do.

If you choose to become a reseller of this product you will have to pay a $10 fee too.

Basic – $100/mo

This is going to give you training on online business automation as well as an email marketing platform. There is some good training here from what I have heard and it is important for online business. Of course automation is one of the great things that come along with doing business online. There is also a lot of flow chart training included here.

The same thing goes for this, if you want to be a reseller you will need to pay the $10 fee.
How You Make Money

Of course like I said you can apply what you learn here to any online business and possibly make money, but most people end up just promoting Infinity Profit System. So why is this? Well the reason is because this is what they push you to do.

Most people don’t have existing online businesses and are just looking to make money online. They want an easy way to do so. And if you choose to become a reseller you get pre-made sales funnels, sales videos, tracking software, and other things that are specifically designed to promote Infinity Profit System.

This leads to most people promoting this system as a “hey buy this system and you can make a lot of money getting other people to buy this system” type of deal. This is very similar to programs like Aspire and MOBE if you have ever heard of them.

The Compensation Plan

This uses what you call a “pass up” or “roll up” compensation system. What happens is that on your 2nd and 4th sale you don’t get any commissions. Instead, these commissions get passed up to the person that recruited you into this system.

After 4 sales you are “qualified” and you get to keep the commissions from all the sales moving forward. And the same goes for the people that you are recruiting in. Their 2nd and 4th sales will get passed up to you and then after that they will keep their own sales.

This system makes it difficult for those just starting out but if you are good and can recruit people in continuously you can make good money from these pass up sales.
Can You Really Make Money With This?

You can absolutely make money reselling Infinity Profit System and I’m sure there are some people making a ton of money doing this.

How Much Can I Earn?

Your earnings will depend on your ability to recruit a lot of people and also motivating them to do the same. The good part is that you can break even by making only one sale, but you will need to make sure that the person doesn’t stop paying.