Earn Easy Commissions REVIEW| Is it Scam or Opportunity?

If you are looking for the detail review on Earn Easy Commissions, this post will help you decide on signing up for this program. Earn Easy Commissions was created by Chuck Nguyen with the whole idea that everything is done for you.

Without having to build a website, learn coding, and all the other stuff they mention in their sales video, you can very much see that this product targets anyone who has not made any money online, which is a very common strategy these days.

All the 90% of the work is done and sell is automated and there is potential that you will earn unlimited commissions.
You can build your email list, build your secret list, automated emails send out to your prospects and earn commissions.

To earn online income you only need to drive traffic to your Unique referral link.

How Earn Easy Commissions system works?

You can sign up to this program for free. After you sign up you need to do three things before you see your first commissions:


1. Set up your system

2. Drive visitors to your unique referral page.

3. Earn commissions.

There is step by step video instructions how you will set up your system.There are three different Ways to earn with this Program.

Free member
Pro member
VIP partner

You can sign up for this Earn Easy Commissions as a free member and earn $1 for every qualified lead. You can also earn $100 per VIP sale and earn 100% commissions from Traffic Networks.

But as a free member you will not be able to build email list and system will not be able to send out automated emails to your prospects.

So you are on your own and you will miss the opportunity of recurring commissions from Getresponse and Click Magic.

To become Pro member you need to create Getresponse and Click Magic account.

In Pro member you will get all the benefits as free member and you will get monthly recurring commissions from Getresponse and Click magic.

If anybody sign up to Earn Easy Commissions and create accounts in Getresponse and Click Magic. They are your referrals and you will earn monthly recurring commissions for lifetime.

Click Magic pays 100% commission in the first month then 35% onwards.

Getresponse pays 33% monthly commissions.

You can also sign up for VIP partnered affiliate system. It will cost you $750 (one time Payment)

Or $100 ($100×12 months)

Benefits of VIP partner Affiliate:

1. In VIP partnered program you will be paid $1.20 per lead instead of $1.00.

So if you have 5000 leads then you will get $1000 extra.

2. Unlock Click Magic and Getresponse recurring Commissions.

3. You also get commission of $500 for each VIP referral upgrade.

4. You also get lifetime commissions for each of your referrals future purchase of any softwares, tools and books.

5. You also get paid $100 commissions for each of referrals downlines upgrade to VIP program.

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