9 Skincare Products That Really And Truly Work

1. Help out inflamed, sensitive skin with a glow tonic.

Product: Pixi Glow Tonic

Best review: “I was concerned it would be a bit too harsh for my sensitive skin but I was fine. No issues at all. I’ve been using it for a week and my skin is very dewy and glowing. After only using it for a couple of days (evenings only), the dark pimple marks on my face have started to fade and it has helped with unblocking my pores so my face feels very smooth and clean. Overall my skin looks great and it’s all down to this!”

2. Your eczema could benefit from this great-value mask pack.

Product: Tony Moly I’m Real Skin Care Mask Set (11 Sheets)

Best review: “I am so annoyed I waited this long to try sheet masking! I’ve been looking at the AsianBeauty subreddit for a while and finally decided to take the plunge as my skin’s really dehydrated at the minute. So far I’ve tried Aloe, Rice, and Avocado (one every other day since they turned up). I have eczema so my skin is really sensitive and prone to reactions, but these have been perfect. My skin is usually really flaky in the mornings but that’s stopped happening now. I’m starting to get dewy skin.”

3. Brave a nose strip and tell whiteheads and blackheads to back off.

Product: Holika Holika Pig-Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit

Best review: “Recently I have had a lot of blackheads and I haven’t been able to afford a facial. Destiny brought me to buy this pack and honestly it took almost every blackhead out! I was skeptical before trying it but honestly it is absolutely amazing! I will definitely be ordering more!”

4. Soothe swollen and painful zits with a Pimple Master Patch.

Gigi Khor/ Amazon

Product: Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Best review: “I love these things – they don’t work if you use them with a spot that hasn’t already been popped though. What they do is they absorb all the excess oil from a spot, and honestly they’re so good. I sometimes get those really painful deep spots that take like a fortnight to go away completely, but I used two of these patches on it, one each night, and it completely disappeared on the third day.” –


5. Use a vitamin C-enhanced moisturiser to help get rid of hyperpigmentation.

Product: The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

Best review: “This cream is really light, a little too light if you have really dry skin, but it is unbelievably good at getting rid of dark spots. You will see a glow within days of using it. Patricia Bright includes it in her ‘getting rid of hyperpigmentation’ routine.” –


6. Give dry skin a treat with a cheap and cheerful face mask that works.

Product: H&M Moisturising Face Mask

Best reviews: “So this worked better than I expected. My skin felt better and it looked less greasy. My mask was a peel-off one, and it didn’t hurt when I peeled it off. I have used peel-off masks before and the pain is just too much for me. The mask has a raspberry smell to it which I didn’t like, but it’s not too offensive. I’ll be honest, I’m really surprised at how good this is, plus it’s under two quid. Happy days.” – Tolani

“This smelt a bit chemically and definitely stung a bit when I had it on, but in all fairness I am ridiculously sensitive (in every way). The results were very good though! My skin felt soft and looked smoother and less red, I thought!” – Emma

7. Tackle larger acne areas overnight with a gentle but effective gel.

Jade V/Amazon, Amazon

Product: BeBarefaced Anti-Blemish Overnight Gel

Best review: “I have had adult acne which has been the most nightmarish experience for decades now and this has really helped. Up until I found this I had been using all the ‘no bumps’ alcohol lotions for shavers because it was the best thing for me although it dries out the skin so I would clear up my spots somewhat but have dry patches that showed when I wore makeup. This didn’t do that and I have had about a 70% reduction in my skin problems. I hope that using it longer will up that percentage but when you consider I’ve only just started on it I am really really grateful and even that has been life-changing for someone who has the problems I do.”

8. Defeat dead skin and callouses for picture-perfect feet.

Emma Clarey/ Amazon, amazon

Product: Baby Foot Original

Best review: “OK, I was sceptical when I purchased this product, but at £15 for two pairs I thought it was worth trying. The most important thing I can share is, make sure you soak your feet and put the booties on when your feet are still wrinkly. I had my booties on for 1 hour 40 mins, then I soaked my feet for 15–20 mins every day. I started peeling on day 2 and it stopped on day 8 (photo is day 3). The hardest skin on the edges of my heels is still there but much less, the cracks have reduced and everywhere else is soft. I’d definitely repurchase this product.”


9. Bring joy into your dry skin and your life with these Pokémon sheet masks.

Beauty Mart

Product: Tony Moly Pikachu Mask Sheet

Best review: “If you have really dry skin, this mask is great for you! The honey extract really does restore vitality to your face and you feel awake and glowing.”

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